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massage-therapyStephanie Radice is a Buffalo native and graduate of the New York Institute of Massage.  She has expanded her orthopedic techniques with continuing education courses in treating carpal tunnel syndrome, releasing the rotator cuff and orthopedic massage techniques for cervical pain. Stephanie, also specializes in Prenatal massage for expectant mothers.  She is also a student of the Laura Norman method of Reflexology with skills in working on the feet, hands and face.
Stephanie continues to expand her knowledge and experience with holistic therapies.  She believes that the body is a wondrous gift that is equipped with an innate capability to take care of itself.  Her chosen methods of treatment are therapies designed to give her clients comfort and sense of well-being so that the body can heal itself.  She also enjoys educating and discussing these treatments with the clients so they can leave with an understanding of how to get well in office as well as out of the office.
Whether a person needs personal time for peace of mind or structural related treatments for physical ailments, Stephanie is here to help you with your needs.