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Poor posture is a trend that we are noticing more and more in the office as cell phones and computers have been fully integrated into all of our lives, causing us to spend significantly more amounts of time looking down while we send texts, or sitting at desks and couches working on computers/ipads with little consideration of our bio mechanics.

In many instances we discover poor postural changes to be the root of serious symptoms such as neck pain, headaches, tingling/numbness in the arms and hands, upper back/mid back pain, and even low back pain.

Chiropractors are skilled professionals when it comes to evaluating and treating postural dysfunctions. In many cases, once a postural imbalance is identified, a combination of specific adjustments, soft tissue muscle work, rehabilitative exercises, and making the necessary ergonomic changes over a period of time can significantly decrease symptoms (in most cases fully resolving them) and even restore the spine to its normal alignment and position.

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