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Customer Testimonials

Acupuncture Really Does Work

Read what our WNY Acupuncture clients have been saying!



Andrea was very knowledgeable! This was my first experience with Acupuncture. My sciatic nerve was causing alot of back pain and my wife made an appointment for me. After just a few treatments my back feels great. I have a new respect for Acupuncture and I highly recommend Andrea at Acupuncture Works!



Exie and I are so pleased to tell you that the acupuncture therapy that we’ve received from you thus far has been OUTSTANDING!You’ve provided patience, kind comfort, education and real understanding. You do things just the way that we would! We’re thrilled
to have you as our healthcare provider, and we will use each daybreak to introduce to the world this wonderful experience that we call….Acupuncture Works!


It Worked!!!!

After 5 failed IVF attempts I was ready to give up but read somewhere that acupuncture treatment for fertility works. So, I decided to give IVF one more try and combining it with acupuncture sessions by Andrea. I have had so many failed attempts I decided to put back 3 embryos and ended up pregnant with triplets!!! Andrea was great, always made me feel relaxed and with her knowledge of holistic medicine allowed me to have the family I always wanted. I will forever be grateful.

Excellent stress relief!!! 
Andrea was recommended to me for stress relief. My stress was pretty intense with abdominal tension and pain. After my first acupuncture session, I no longer needed my pain pills. Every session is relaxing and I always feel better afterwards. Andrea is amazing and really knows her stuff. Her knowledge of acupuncture and Chinese medicine is impressive. If you have stress, this is the place to go.

Awesome Experience
After extensive PT of just over 18 months I went to see Andrea on a consultation of acupuncture for a partially torn rotator cuff as well as treatment on my ankle for a trimaloellar fracture. I could not be happier w the overall experience and have already booked my continuing treatments. Easily recommended to my friends and family!

Valerie S.

A Great Experience
I have been seeing Andrea for a herniated L5 and it has been a very nice experience. Andrea is very patient, answers all of my questions, and is determined to help whatever issue you’re having. The needles do not hurt whatsoever and they calm you right down. I often fall asleep on the table because it is so relaxing. I would highly recommend her to all friends and family members


Great to Wake Up to This 
Andrea, I wanted to thank you for your services and I apologize that this is extremely overdue. I came to you while I was receiving fertility treatments in early spring 2013 and am happy to say that I now have 10 month old twin girls. I wanted to call when I first got the positive from the IVF cycle but I was so nervous and superstitious that I waited and then unfortunately weeks turned into months. Andrea, I cannot thank you enough for your treatments. I truly believe that my family would not be what it is without you. Life has been a bit crazy but I would like to return for relaxation purposes at some point. In the meantime, I will continue to recommend you to friends and family who are interested in acupuncture. Thanks again.


Massage Turned Acupuncture 
Had an appointment with Andrea on 8/26 for a massage and told her that I had been experiencing a headache for three weeks. She recommended acupuncture instead and my relief was tremendous, the headache pain level was reduced significantly and I have a follow up appointment in a week. Andrea is great!

Joan L.
Great Experience
Front desk staff was very friendly and helpful, massage was extremely good. I would highly recommend them to anyone.


Excellent and Professional
Andrea did a great job and was very professional. Great experience. I had the deep massage and still feel great two days later.


Excellent and Professional
The staff was friendly, courteous and knowledgeable. The massage was excellent, really helped!. Would highly recommend.

Alex Wrzos

Swedish Massage
Very good! Heated table was awesome, and massage specialist was very thorough. Feel like a new man! Definitely recommend

MS Survivor

1st Visit
Came in with lots of issues for my 1st accupuncture session. Was in the middle of a recent and ongoing MS attack. I was given a great deal of time by Andrea and we talked about many different issues that are complicated due to my MS. Left feeling very calm and relaxed! Look forward to my next appoitment! Can’t wait!


Very relaxing. Worked the knots out without the discomfort usually felt. Pretty sure I fell asleep too. Recommended.


It was a great massage!! I will be back for another. Deep tissue was great after a long stressful week.

Jill H.

I had a massage as a Groupon deal, because I thought it would be a nice gift for my husband and myself. I’d been having knee and hip pain. At my request, Sarah did a full body relaxation massage, and didn’t seem like she was focusing too much on those specific areas, yet when I walked away, the pain was much decreased and I felt great.

Shirley S.

I have been a patient for about a year. Andrea is not only knowledgeable but is willing to share that knowledge in away that makes you feel part of the process. Acupuncture is so under utilized. She and her staff are so very welcoming and professional. warm, calm and clean surroundings. The message Therapies that are offered are stellar as well.


Facial Acupuncture
Andrea is very knowledgeable about acupuncture & Chinese medicine. Looking forward to my next session!

Sasha T.

I booked my massage with Nicole. She was very nice and professional. Setting was relaxing, clean and quiet.

Sophia Cowal

Andrea made my daughter feel so comfortable and brought hope into our lives about getting better. Her treatment plan is excellent. She is very compassionate and caring.

Charlotte M.

Andrea was the best. very informative, very generous with her time and talent. Highly recommend her services

Jennifer W.

Fabulous! I highly recommend Andrea!
Andrea is a wonderful massage therapist! I tend to only go to massage therapists that I already know or that I have been referred to. However, I am very glad I bought the Groupon for Accupuncture Works. She really did a wonderful job and I highly recommend her. She was professional, knowledgeable and personable.


I just had my first 1/2 hour massage with Andrea and it was fantastic! I can’t wait to go back again…for an hour.


I’ve been going to Andrea for the past 3 months for acupuncture. My acupuncture appointments are so relaxing and I can’t remember the last time I felt this good. Andrea is the best!


Acupuncture Facial
I went for my first treatment not knowing exactly what to expect. I was a bit sceptical about the claims made. I will definitely return. I saw immediate results around my eyes and the lines around my mouth. I can’t wait to see the results after the next few visits.


Acupuncture Facial
Helped relieve puffiness around eyes. I will definitely be returning for additional sessions. she also suggested a herbal supplement, which seems to be helping.


Andrea assisted me with accupuncture. She took her time assessing my needs and the accupuncture was very relaxing. Also, the office is beautiful and comforting.

Bernie Huber

Recent 90 Minute Hot Stone Massage
Andrea did a great job and was responsive to my areas of need! I wish she had a menu available as I’d like to try other services.


Amazing Deep Tissue Massage!
I was so relaxed. The therapist, Andrea, really concentrated on the areas I asked her to and did an amazing job! I’m going back for sure.


The setting was so relaxing and the massage was great. The employees were very professional and the environment was very calming. I will definitely go back! They have many different services available too.

Alicia Casey

Awesome Massage!
Great massage wonderful experience will go back!!! Andrea was really helpful! will ge the word around.

Karen S.

I had a 90 minute hot stone massage that was wonderful. Andrea is very professional and easy to talk to. I look forward to trying some of her other services.

Francy Duska

Wonderful Experience!
Very comfortable environment. Staff was very friendly and treatment felt great! Definitely would return and recommend to friends!

Christopher Scinta

First Time Hot Stone
What a fantastic experience! Thank you so much for making me feel at ease, and for doing such a great job. I will definitely be returning!


Great Treatment
A great treatment! Attentive, thorough, knowledgeable. Performs her treatments with precision and care. I am very pleased!

Jennifer O.

This is a non compensated honest opinion! Andrea knows her stuff and is caring and compassionate and goes above and beyond to help. She is licensed in acupuncture and massage therapy which is awesome if you’re a chronic pain sufferer like me. With treatments from her I was able to drastically reduce the length frequency and intensity of my migraines. I was seeing her for that specifically but she also helped me with some severe muscle spasms when pain management and PT failed me. If you are in WNY and considering this treatment please support caring and compassionate providers as there are far too many that are rushed and detached don’t listen or attempt to help.

Brad P.


Thank you Andrea!

I was in a car accident and have been in some serious pain and since I have been seeing Andrea my severe headaches have improved dramatically, I admit I was apprehensive at first, but after a few visits I am now a true believer in the benefits that acupuncture can provide.


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