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Kohava Howard LPN, RAHP, LYYD

Kohava Howard LPN, RAHP, LYYD


Kohava Howard LPN, RAHP, LYYD guide, mentor and coach women in life/business transition, to have a courageous and daring mindset, to manifest their life with ease to achieve success. Step fully into a new version of self, to experience a new life that brings them joy, truth & fulfillment.

She dedicated to supporting women to overcome and break free from limiting beliefs, manage stress, finds confidence, self-esteem & communicate with ease, awaken their soul’s purpose to flourish and grow, so they can navigate through life transitions with more balance, empowerment, clarity, and peace.

Kohava Howard, a holistic nurse for over 35 years, advocate for women, master healer, lifelong intuitive spiritual teacher, and Holistic Practitioner. She shares her unique blend of the healing art and approach to spirituality, mental health, and wellness. She is the founder of emerging vibrant woman and the soul sisterhood circle. She teaches classes& programs.

She specialized in a unique blend of the healing art and intuitive approach for mind, body and soul, that include:

Women’s empowerment /Life coaching

Reiki master practitioner

Vibrational reflexology

Oracle Card readings - intuitive spiritual guidance

Guided Meditation, chakra balancing and breathe work

Therapeutic movements- a combination of brain gym, yoga and somatic therapy

Learn more, visit her website: https://emergingvibrantwoman.com/

To book your appointment, contact Kohava by email at khowardem@gmail.com or call at 716-2351962