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cuppingCupping is one of the oldest methods of traditional Chinese medicine.  Cupping is a very effective method of treatment used for diseases such as coughing, chest congestion, common cold, arthritic pain, muscular pain, stomach-ache, and headache.

How Does Cupping Work?

A vacuum is created in a glass or bamboo “cup” with a cotton ball soaked in alcohol. The cotton ball is ignited and inserted into the cup which will evacuate some air creating a vacuum. The cotton ball is withdrawn and the cup is quickly placed on the skin. The cup remains in place for 5-15 minutes and may leave a bruise. Sometimes massage oil is applied to the mouth of the cup or the patient’s skin, then the practitioner slides the cup along a large body surface such as the back or thigh until skin redness is noted. This technique is known as moving cupping or sliding cupping. Pictures

Is Cupping Painful?

Cupping is generally not painful. Most patients report significant improvement after a cupping treatment.

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