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Swedish Massage, Our Most Popular Massage

Go from stress to rest with soothing Swedish-style techniques using light to moderate pressure. Ideal for first-time massage recipients.

During a Swedish massage, the therapist will lubricate your skin with massage oil and begin using techniques that warm up and work the muscle tissue, releasing tension and breaking up knots in your muscles.

Swedish massage promotes relaxation, eases muscle tension and creates other health benefits, including:

Benefits of Swedish Massage

  • Overall Relaxation – The number one overall benefit of a Swedish massage is relaxation.  A standard session is about 30 to 60 minutes and targets most of the major muscle groups.
  • Pain Relief – Swedish massage therapy helps with pain management. The techniques used help improve circulation and increases relaxation.
  • Increased Circulation – The techniques used in a Swedish massage replicate the movements of the circulatory system..
  • Heals Scar Tissue – Studies show that Swedish massage can break up muscle adhesions and help promote the healthy healing of scar tissue.

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