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We at AcupunctureWorks have concern for the staff and patients well-being  through this pandemic. Included here are some changes to  reduce the risk to staff, and  patients, these changes will be  implemented once we reopen. Safety is a team effort, our staff will work together for effective sanitation, disinfection, personal hygiene, and preserving a safe office environment. We are providing our Covid- 19 safety protocols in this blog. Of course, you should follow any national, state, or local rules and regulations related to operating during the COVID-19 pandemic. We continue to work diligently to support our members through the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. For the most current information, we recommend reviewing the Healthcare Professionals guidance offered by the Center for Disease Control (CDC). 


  • Pre-Screening: Please be on the lookout in email, or text, for Covid- 19 pre-screening, and informed consent. This must be filled out prior to appointment. Expect to receive this once you have booked an online appointment. Please try to schedule most appointments online at this time. 
  • Plan comfortable attire for your appointment. We are supposed to limit the use of sheets.
  • Re-scheduling:  Please be forthcoming about any illness appointments can be re- scheduled, no fee for cancelling at this time. 
  • Check-In Practices: Please call the office when you have arrived for your appointment we will check you in. Then meet you at the door, measure your temperature with a contact- less thermometer and bring you directly to the treatment room. 
  • Payments: We are working on a new touch less payment option. Details to come.
  • Waiting Room: We are avoiding use of the waiting area. We are suggesting to not bring family, friends in the office, if possible they can wait in the car. Please wait in the car until we are notified of your check in, then we will meet you at the door. 
  • Facemasks: Please wear face masks in AcupunctureWorks, and we will also be wearing face masks for staff and patient safety. 
  • Communal Objects: Communal objects have been removed from AcupunctureWorks waiting area, such as magazines, and cups.


  • Surface Sanitization Practices – Work Stations: will be cleaned properly multiple times per day.
  • Surface SanitizationPractices – Patient Areas: Disinfect all Patient areas between Patient appointments. In addition to treatment tables, all therapeutic equipment, counter tops, chairs, door handles, clipboards, and garment hooks should be disinfected prior to and following each treatment. We are using EPA approved products according to the CDC.
  • Daily Disinfection: We will ensure the Office is disinfected prior to opening and after closing on a daily basis. 


  • Staff Pre-Screening: We will conduct pre-screening of staff at the beginning of the shift. Assess suspicious symptoms and send the staff member home if any COVID-19 related symptoms are present.
  • Protect Personnel: Ensure all Office personnel who come in close contact with Patients wear appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) such as face masks, and gloves.