Health Insurance Coverage

Insurance coverage varies per plan for each individual. Please call  your insurance company to verify coverage. Questions to ask them  include: Do I have Acupuncture coverage. Is coverage dependent on what  is medically being treated? Do I have a deductible that needs to be met  first? If so, What is the deductible and have I met my deductible? How  many sessions of Acupuncture am I allowed per calendar year? Do I have a  co pay? Is coverage 100% covered? Please call the office with  additional questions. 


With approval from your insurance claim manager. Call the office with  this specific information. No fault company, Representatives name,  phone number, claim number, Date of Accident, Date of Birth, area being  treated so that we can call first to verify this is an open claim and  get approval.  

  1. No Fault – NF
  2. Worker’s Compensation- Needs a script and a Form MG-2 or C4 from your treating primary or pain management doctor. With approval.


with co pay  

  1. Independent Health (with Flex Fit Independent card) – up to $250 (Annually)
  2. Blue Cross/Blue Shield of WNY: 3. Excellus: Sometimes unlimited 4. United 5. Univera 6. Aetna 7. Magnacare 


Acupuncture Works offers up to a 20% courtesy discount (on regular  acupuncture procedure only) to patients because Acupuncture Works is on  their preferred acupuncturist list of providers. The insurance companies  are listed below. AcupunctureWorks, does offer time of service discounts please ask for details.  

  1. Independent Health
  2. Univera Perks
  3. For more information, or to book your appointment today, please call us at (716) 276-8866 or schedule online. 
  4. 20% military discount 

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We are currently working closely with other providers in the WNY area to better serve our patients and all their healthcare needs.

For more information please contact us in the office at Acupuncture Works in Williamsville at (716) 276-8866 today.